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Adding Multiple Google Accounts to Kindle Fire

I recently bought a Kindle Fire because they are great value for an Android tablet and I knew they were ways of installing Google Play so I could access the apps I had already purchased through Google Play without having to repurchase them from Amazon. Specifically I wanted Minecraft for my son to play - honestly, for my son ;-) The Fire I bought was the 5th Gen Kindle Fire (not HD, I wanted inexpensive!) and the awesome instructions on How To Geek  worked perfectly at installing Google Play. I highly recommend this solution for installing it, it was simple to follow and easy to do. From here I was able to log in to Google Play and download my apps including Minecraft which I had previously paid for on another device If all you want from this is to install apps from Google Play using your account, you are all set! However, if, like me, you also want to add a second Google user (in my case, my son) so he can use his account to synchronise his games, I got a bit stuck.  Unlike an And