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How to show Admob ads in an Apache Cordova app on Android

Since the demise of AdWhirl and my previous post about how to set up ads with Cordova, I've had to revisit it and get it working with AdMob which now uses Google Play Services.  Again there are very few instructions around for this, though I did find this useful looking Cordova plugin  which seems to offer a neat solution which is likely easier than the solution I'm about to propose and is cross-platform where I am only working with Android.  However, for various reasons, I don't want to use the Cordova tools, I want to do it manually.  If you're like me then here is how to do it This How-To uses a mash of the Cordova official documentation  on WebViews, my previous post on AdWhirl and the Admob Quick Start guide .  The premise here is that, since Cordova can be made to display in an Android WebView, and AdMob also uses WebViews, we can combine the two and display one in front of the other I'll assume you have an AdMob account and know how to create an Android